Gamleby Photography (Gamleby För Fotografi) is an organisation established 2018 in Gamleby, Sweden.

The association was started to support international artist and their production of new work. Our program is a platform for those who want to visit Gamleby and engage in the Scandinavian art scene.

We support photographic artists to create new work and facilitates a platform for exchanges of ideas and experiences between the Swedish photography scene and the international community.

If you are interested in the residency and want to apply you can read more about the Gamleby Photo Grant.

Gamleby Photography consist of artist and photographers from the Swedish art scene.


Gamleby (Swedish for Old Village) is a small village located in the bay in the eastern archipelago, approximately 3 hours south of Stockholm. The village is small and full of nature but is also the location of one of Swedens most successful preparatory schools in photography. The interest for culture is big and there is a lot of opportunities to engage and interact with the local community and the students at the school.


In Gamleby you’ll have the opportunity to exhibit your work, host an open studio and give lectures and artist talks.


If you want to experience other parts of Sweden it is ”close” to Kalmar (2 hours) , Stockholm (3 hours), Malmö (4 hours) and Copenhagen (5 hours) where you can visit art museums and galleries and also connect with people from the scene.


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Gamleby Photo School


Ny förening vill lyfta fotografiet i Gamleby – Västervikstidningen, 2018-10-09