Colombian filmmaker Carolina Navas to Gamleby

The second Gamleby Photo Grant goes to Carolina Navas from Bogota, Colombia. Navas is a photographer and filmmaker originally from Calí, mostly known for the film Fullhachede which she co-directed together with Catalina Torres.

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Nikol and Erika dance at the rhythms of Raggamuffin and “Salsa Choke” in their dance collective, but when the rehearsal ends, their blurred life projects keep developing in the hostile slum of Aguablanca District in Cali, Colombia. Their contrasting life stories are determined by violence but also by a resilient happiness, love for dancing and friendship.
Nikol dreams to travel to the US to visit her boyfriend, but fears with the idea that her visa is rejected. Erika remembers her dead parents while worrying about her son’s future. This way, days go by in expectation of answers among dreams that stumble and new ones that rise in the look to become someone.
The encounter with these two feminine universes is an exploration of hope, of the struggle between dreams and reality, and about the capacity of overcome our own selves.